When did you last review your pension? You may be sitting on a penison pot of £500,000 plus accumulated throughout your working life. As with any investment it is important that it is managed well and you also have clarity about how much income you could expect to receive when you want to retire. Getting expect pension advice will help to make sure you are on track.

Do you know how your pension funds are performing?

The performance of the funds that your pension is invested in will make a huge difference to the value of your pension pot when you retire.

Could the value of your pension be being eroded by high charges?

Unnecessary fees and high charges, especially common in older pension plans, will eat away at the value of your pension fund.

Is your pension being invested in line with your age and attitude to risk?

Make sure that you are comfortable that the funds that your pension fund is invested in are appropriate for your attitude to risk and age.

Do you know when you want to retire and how much income you will need in retirement?

Understanding what your financial situation may look like when you retire means that you can take action should you need to invest more or you could find that you could retire earlier than expected.

Working with an independent financial adviser will help you answer all these questions and plan for a comfortable retirement.

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