Do I qualify for an enhanced annuity?


It is worth exploring whether you qualify for an enhanced annuity rate. If you have a medical condition or a lifestyle which may lead to a lower than average life expectancy it is worth talking to a financial adviser.

Providers of annuities will calculate your annuity rate based on your life expectancy so if they think that they will only have to pay an income to you for short period they will offer a higher monthly income to take account of this.

So if you have or have had a medical condition or are a smoker you must make sure that you get a financial adviser to provide you with expert advice. You must remember that you only get one chance to buy an annuity so getting the best rate makes perfect sense.

A financial adviser will understand what medial or lifestyle conditions will qualify you for an enhanced annuity and get all the information together that is required. They will then review the entire market getting rates from all the best providers to ensure that you get the best deal.

A financial adviser will guide you through the whole process to make sure that you get the most income possible to see you through your retirement.

Give is a call or fill in the contact form and we can make sure that you receive expert financial advice. Find out if you qualify for an enhanced annuity.