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Rob Trapnell - Right RetirmentRobert Trapnell founded Right Retirement in 2011. Robert has worked in the Financial Services industry for almost 20 years helping to develop and market products and services to help secure peoples financial future. During this time he came to understand that the key to achieving a comfortable retirement is all about making sure that through out your life you get the best possible advice to help you make informed choices.

“I founded Right Retirement because I am passionate about ensuring people coming up to retirement understand what their financial options are and know where to go to get unbiased and expert advice.”

“For most of us, including me, the thought of having to unravel the reams of pension related documents filed neatly or not so neatly out of sight and mind does not fill us with joy. But on the whole it is not as complicated as it may first appear and a little bit of advice and guidance will ensure that you make the right retirement decisions.”

If you contact Right Retirement we will take the time to understand your situation to make sure you to get the most appropriate annuity and retirement advice. We will then put you in contact with one of our panel of carefully selected independent financial advisers. The independent financial advisers we work with all have the right level of knowledge, qualifications and experience to provide specialist retirement advice and they are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I hope this website provides more information to guide you in the right direction, please contact us we would love to help you.

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